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Stock Control

Stock Control

Get your inventory under control

“Don't waste your time chasing things that will never be beneficial to your future.” 
-April Mae Monterrosa


Make time to do the things you love

Effective stock control is vital to the success of any hospitality business, but it can be complex and time-consuming if you don’t keep on top of it. So we created onetap stock to help take the hassle out of stock control so you can manage your stock more easily, accurately and efficiently.  The end result is reduced wastage, time saved and improved profitability.
Onetap’s stock control software is a fully integrated inventory system for food and beverage which automates the process of managing your stock, recipes and production stock, comprising sophisticated but easy to use features like automatic stock re-ordering, receipt management, automatic stock movement and stock location tracking, stock transfers, stock taking and precise gross profit reporting.
Onetap can manage stock for multiple locations and provides links for food and beverage menu items to stock items or recipes so that stock is accurately depleted when sold.  Onetap stock was designed with you in mind - to save you time, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of purchasing, receiving, transferring, and stocktaking of goods. 
With onetap you’ll always know your food and beverage costs, your gross profit, what you’ve got, where it is and what you need to purchase.  And if you don’t - onetap will highlight your variances so you know what needs attention.  You can rest assured you’ll always have real-time visibility and control over your stock, from anywhere in the world.

Automatic stock re-ordering - no hassles

Remove the hassle; improve accuracy and efficiency with our smart automated stock re-ordering system.  Onetap stock can automatically recommend what stock needs to be ordered based on sales activity and your pre-set minimum and maximum stock levels.  The automatically generated purchase order is then printed, faxed or emailed to your supplier.  Alternatively, if preferred, you can always create a manual purchase order.

Receipt management - the work's already done

When the goods are delivered the purchase order is retrieved, the stock is checked off and posted as received into onetap’s stock control system. This updates stock levels, the stock value on hand and recipe costs.

Automatic stock movement tracking - too easy

Onetap’s stock control software automatically tracks the movement of your stock.  So, as your stock is adjusted via sales, refunds, wastage, receipts, returns, transfers and variance write-offs, onetap gives you accurate and real-time tracking and analysis of stock movements, costs and quantities on hand.  Actual costs are tracked accurately using a FIFO stack.

Multiple stock locations

Onetaps’ stock location tracking feature allows you to effortlessly manage and track stock within each of your venues various stocking areas. This means no more confusion about that missing stock and wasting time looking in the wrong location.

Stocktakes - you still have to count but you can use a PDT

With onetap, stocktakes are performed by printing stocktake forms and entering the recorded counts into the stocktake screen. Alternatively, to improve the accuracy and speed of your stocktakes, you can record stock levels using a PDT device which then automatically feeds the data into onetap. You can also carry out partial rotating stocktakes for both individual stock items and also across your entire inventory.

Gross profit reporting - where the rubber meets the road

With our smart reporting you will always know what your gross profit is along with a detailed breakdown of your cost of goods, stock on hand, purchases, sales, wastage and variances.  Being armed with this accurate information means you can make smarter decisions on the spot to address the issues giving rise to variances or low margins, and so improve your gross profit.


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