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Front of House Features

Front of house features

Straightforward, fast and efficient

"Good design makes a product understandable."
-Dieter Rams


Quick sales - every second counts

Our screen layout designer tool gives you unprecedented flexibility to customise the POS terminal to your specific design preferences.  There are no restrictions on the number of menu pages, the number, size and position of buttons, or the use of colour and images.

This means screens can be optimised to best suit your menu and service style. Modifiers, combos, discounts, customer accounts, loyalty points, multiple and split tenders - are all seamlessly managed, making the whole process fast and efficient, because every second at the point of sale counts.

More time to make money

Onetap’s front of house POS software is extremely easy to use, fast, efficient and reliable and boasts a comprehensive range of smart and powerful features. Onetap provides you and your staff with all you need at the point of sale to deliver outstanding customer service.  And because it’s so quick to learn and easy to use, it means you and your staff spend less time processing orders, and more time making money.

Smart staff management

Onetap has a built in clock in/clock out feature which allows staff to log onto the POS terminal by swipe cards, proximity tags, finger print scanners, bar codes or magnetic buttons.  Using this feature gives you the ability to effortlessly keep track of staff time and attendance.

Onetap seamlessly integrates with your payroll system.  So rather than manually recording and then entering time and attendance records into your payroll system, the records for each staff member are imported from onetap into your payroll system, saving you precious time and giving you peace of mind knowing that your time and attendance records are accurate.

You can also decide exactly what each role has access to, and you can allocate ownership or responsibility of a till or a table to a staff member, giving you greater control.

The system also tracks the number of customers served, total customer spend, spend per head and number of transactions per staff member.   

Tables & tabs - enhancing customer experience

Onetap excels at table and tab management. Staff place orders onto tabs allowing customers to settle their bill with ease at the end of their visit. Multiple orders, for instance a second round of drinks, are added effortlessly. Split payment functions are available for group orders allowing customers to easily pay individually if preferred. Limits can be set and the operator notified when a tab limit is reached. Discount schemes and menu combos are made easy. Subsidised events can be easily setup and seamlessly managed with items being subsidised by the organiser for a set time.  

Overall onetap’s tab features enable you to effortlessly deliver outstanding customer service, and increase table turnover and sales at the same time.

Discount schemes - for happy customers

Onetap allows for a wide variety of discount schemes including client/item matrices, happy hour, special events, subsidised events, VIP clients, contra accounts, and staff and management discounts.

Discounts can be handled at the time of payment, or can be set up when opening a table or tab. In the latter case, discounts are calculated at the time of ordering and can vary per order line. Discounts are displayed in the order screen and on printed summaries for the customer’s convenience.

As a bonus, you can use a negatively priced item as a discount as well.

Tricky combos - handled with pizzazz

Onetap combos combines groups of items together to be sold as one item, eg a burger meal consisting of a burger, drink and fries, or half/half pizza combos.  There are a variety of combo types and discounts can be distributed evenly, or items can be discounted individually.  

Discounts can apply to all items in the combo, or to only the lowest or highest priced item, and can be set to apply only to specific days at specific times.

For convenience combo groups can be set up, including a special free group where items are 100% discounted, which can be used for “buy one get one free” offers.

Fast payments - every millisecond counts

Onetap works with leading payment technology providers around the world, including mobile wallets, so you can choose the best technology for your business.  Vouchers and tokens are also accepted as legitimate forms of payment.  Our POS software integrates with lightning fast EFTPOS solutions, saving time and allowing you to process payments quickly, freeing up your POS terminal to serve the next customer.



Accurate cash management - cash is king

Onetap POS software allows for shift cash reports by cash drawer to be printed at the POS terminal. The cash report details sales by food and beverage, tips, sales on account, discounts, vouchers and payment totals by media type. A statistics report breaks down orders by section such as bar, restaurant inside, restaurant outside, and provides analysis of orders by food and beverage; spend per guest, numbers of guests and covers for each section.  This means your end of day or shift cash ups and analysis are completed with ease, speed and accuracy.  

Advanced printing - we care about your chefs

Onetap has a host of advanced printing features designed with your chefs, bar tenders and baristas in mind, to cater for almost every conceivable need.  Setting up sometimes complex printing schemes to utilise these features is made easy with our advanced printing user interface.



Floor plan - world class table service at a glance

Onetap’s floor plan software provides an intuitive visual representation of your venue and the tables or stools in your restaurant, café or bar, showing the status of each at a glance.  
Different views can be set up for different sections within the venue which are then easily accessible by a tap of the screen. 
Onetap has a built-in trigger alarm feature which alerts management to ensure that each table receives outstanding service in an efficient manner.  The floor plan shows order details per table.  When taking orders you can be prompted or forced to record the seat number, so that each customer receives the meal ordered without the need to check each time, thereby saving time and enhancing service levels.
The floor plan system also has a powerful time-saving feature which allows you to effortlessly merge tables together or transfer orders over to other tables by using your finger to drag and drop the table icons.

Hand helds and tablets - optimising efficiency and service

WizBang Technologies has many years’ experience working with both small and large busy venues where our mobile onetap hand held and tablet solutions are used.

From decreasing queues at busy outlets, to selling in amongst a crowd, or taking orders in restaurants - onetap mobile solutions help to reduce staff costs, reduce wait times and enhance service.  This is especially so in the case of restaurants, due to the ability of waiters to send orders directly from tables in their section, moving from table to table thereby focusing 100% of their time and attention on your customers instead of running sometimes large distances to and from production areas.

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