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"The future is defined not by the past, but by the possibilities we dream up and execute"

- John Hansen



The WizBang Technologies onetap point of sale system began life in 1997, in the basement of entrepreneur John Hansen's house in Auckland, New Zealand. John's dream was to create a ground-breaking and innovative new hospitality point of sale system, encompassing wireless hand held technology. Wi-Fi wireless networking was not available for portable devices at the time, so John employed his electronic and software engineering skills to create a working digital wireless plug-in board.
Working together with software designer and daughter Amanda, a first class honours graduate in software design, a complete hospitality working prototype was built and put into field tests at several hospitality venues in Auckland. The feedback was incredible, and suddenly John and Amanda's POS system incorporating wireless mobile ordering units was in hot demand. WizBang Technologies was born.


WizBang has flourished to become a group of companies today. WizBang Technologies is the parent company of the WizBang family and the software developer; 100% owned subsidiaries NZ POS Systems and WizBang Technologies Australia are the onetap distributors in New Zealand and Australia, and WizBang Tecnologia do Brasil is the Brazilian distributor.

With offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Melbourne, plus distribution channels in Brazil, Ireland and the UK, we are able to service a growing number of territories with very large population centres.
Our vision is to make a tangible difference to our client’s success by conceiving of and delivering exciting products that enhance efficiency, decision making and performance.


We live in a time of unprecedented change - relentless, disruptive, unpredictable and irreversible change - and it’s occurring at an ever increasing rate, because today’s technology is used to develop tomorrow’s better technology and so the rate of change is self-accelerating.
We don’t underestimate the challenge this poses. Success requires us to embrace change as a way of life.  It demands of us enormous resilience, agility, freedom to dream, and creative new ways of thinking about future possibilities.
This is what defines us.


“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”
- John F Kennedy

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+64 9 360 8395

Ground Floor, 4 Fred Thomas Drive,
Takapuna, Auckland 0622

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