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Getting back to pure hospitality

"Design is shrinking the gap between what a product does and why it exists."
- Sahil Lavingia


Beautiful software designed and built by hospitality people

Our onetap hospitality POS system is beautiful software designed and built by hospitality people, for the hospitality industry, with the sole purpose of helping you become more successful in your business. Onetap is a straightforward, smart, efficient, robust and flexible hospitality point of sale system, which frees you from many time consuming tasks - whilst saving you money and making you more profitable.

Trusted all over the world

Onetap is used by many businesses around the world ranging from cafes, restaurants, bars and fast food through to franchises, hotels, resorts, airports and stadiums. 

Our intuitive touch screens are super easy to use, meaning you and your staff spend less time on training and administration, and more time making money.

Because every second counts at the point of sale, entering orders is designed to be quick and efficient. Orders are sent straight to either a printer or display at the barista, bar or kitchen while at the same time transaction details, sales records, tenders, loyalty points, charge accounts, and inventory are all automatically updated.

Whatever your service style

With over 17 years of development behind it, our hospitality POS software is incredibly full featured to exactly suit the size and requirements of your business, and your particular service style and preferences. Plus, our unwavering commitment to continual improvement ensures that you always have a world class hospitality POS system to grow with your business, and that onetap stays ahead as the market leader.

Relax - onetap has it under control

Onetap is highly flexible with multiple configuration options available to address any special requirements you may have such as accounting interfaces, loyalty programs, combos, online ordering or handheld ordering pads.
All of this allows you and your staff to put a greater emphasis on quality of service and leaves you to relax knowing that your business is running as professionally and profitably as possible.

Free up time and build relationships

All-in-all onetap frees up your time to build relationships with your valuable customers, leading to increased sales whilst saving you money at the same time.
Plus, with our awesome client support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you always have the help and guidance you need from our friendly team of experts.

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