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Loyalty & Marketing

Loyalty & Marketing

You want your customers to come back, right?

“Make a customer, not a sale.”
-Katherine Barchetti


Gain more loyal customers

It is often said that acquiring new customers costs more and takes more effort than it does to keep your existing customers returning. 

Gaining loyal customers, who keep returning - often with their friends and family - is not only the best way to build sales and a successful hospitality business but is also critical for building and sustaining a business’s reputation.
Onetap’s loyalty software enables you to build a large pool of loyal customers quickly and easily with accurate information, whether you operate a single site, a number of sites, or a large franchise group.  You can set up any type of loyalty system and drive any kind of promotion in your business, giving you flexibility to decide how you would like to reward your customers for their loyalty. 
The comprehensive onetap loyalty system adds to our existing vouchers and on the spot discounts for privileged customers, making it super easy for you to track, communicate with and reward your customers. Customers are able to sign up for rewards at the point of sale terminal to immediately start receiving points on selected items. Once points exceed a set limit, rewards are then triggered as cash, credit or put toward a sale.

Website integration - keep it simple

Onetap loyalty, including online ordering from providers such as Mobi2Go, can be integrated into your existing website through the onetap API.  This integration allows your customers the convenience of being able to sign up, track and redeem their rewards online, removing the need to maintain two separate loyalty systems in your business.

Member accounts - you're gonna want this

Onetap features a wide range of member accounts from customer charge and tracking accounts to in-house/staff, contra and VIP accounts.  This gives you all the tools necessary to look after each individual unique set of requirements.

Communication is everything

You can create email and mail-merge campaigns using information you have gathered about your customers such as their last visit, birthdays, anniversaries and their favourite food and beverage items.  This gives you the ability to create marketing campaigns tailored to suit your individual clients.

Revolutionise your customer engagement

We have partnered with LOKE to bring a revolutionary digital customer engagement, loyalty and mobile payments platform to empower your business and reward your best customers. Through your own branded mobile loyalty app with integrated mobile payments, you can reward your loyal customers not only for what they spend, but for promoting your business to their friends as well.


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