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Customer Display

Customer Facing Display

Impressing and informing your customers


"You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
-Will Rogers


Your customers will love it

Our brilliant customer display application nicely rounds off onetap’s loyalty and marketing features. Designed to impress new or returning customers, the onetap CDA displays details of a sale as it's being rung up, and promotions while idle. 

Your returning customers will see their loyalty points earned on the current sale, any discount applied, the current loyalty points available for redemption and their account balance. As a sale is being rung up, the quantity, description and price of items being purchased along with any modifiers will be displayed. 

The look and feel of the onetap CDA can be styled to the highest standard to suit your brand, and there is room for a message of the day at the bottom.


Run daily promotions

While the POS is not in use, the customer display will automatically run in promotional mode, displaying playlists comprising high quality images or videos on rotation. A schedule can be set up to play different playlists for specific times of the day or week. If you are a franchise group these can be controlled centrally for the entire group, or individually as required.
It can be configured to display only promotions, or only sales details or both.
The onetap CDA is able to run on a second screen connected to the POS terminal, a media board, or a separate iPad, Android or Windows tablet.

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