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Kitchen Monitor

Kitchen Monitor

Interactive management of production dockets

“If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.”
-Louis Parrish


See what's going on at a glance

The onetap visual order display is an interactive production docket management system.

Orders are sent to displays located in various production areas, and bumped off the screen when completed.
It is ideally suited to kitchen and coffee production areas. Each order is displayed as a panel on the screen and queued in the sequence it was ordered. Rushed orders can jump to the front of the queue. A panel summarising all orders currently in production helps chefs and baristas see at a glance what requires attention.
Individual items within an order, or an entire order, can be bumped to mark completion.
Voids, rushed orders, transfers, callaways and other production notifications are displayed as well and highlighted by differently coloured borders.  Orders exceeding pre-set time limits are indicated by flashing the docket to help ensure service targets are met.
Fanless wall mounted touch screens can be used, or larger monitors with a bump box keyboard.

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