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Back of House Features

Back of House Features

Greater visibility, smarter management

“You gotta know to understand”
-Supergroove, Kiwi funk rock band


Knowledge is power

Onetap includes a comprehensive set of analysis tools and powerful reports. In an instant, from anywhere in the world and at any time, you can stay up to date with your venues’ activities. Being armed with accurate and timely information gives you everything you need to make smarter management decisions on the spot, which lead directly to improvements to your bottom line.

Real time visibility

Onetap back office consolidates all aspects of your business into one fully integrated system, from small single site operations to large mutli-site franchises. This provides you with real-time visibility and gives you a complete overview of your customers, product and pricing, sales, promotions, cash management, accounts, loyalty rewards, staff, inventory and more.

Enterprise - making multi-site management easy

Onetap enterprise has grown up to match the growth of our franchise and multi-site clients, allowing centralised management of menus, staff, accounts, loyalty and giving near real-time reporting on the performance of the business.

With enhanced queuing and optimisation for performance, and data encryption for security, you can be confident your data is accurately and efficiently consolidated at HQ.
Onetap enterprise syncs all relevant transactional and set up data so that you can analyse consolidated data by location, rather than running separate reports for each location.
Sites can be grouped to allow for different configurations, and access to accounts, people and menu items can be locked out at site level.

API - connect to a new world of possibilities

With many exciting 3rd party applications emerging, the POS is increasingly required to become the hub in the business as these new systems are expected to seamlessly connect to it. To cater for this WizBang has developed an API which allows other systems to exchange data with onetap in real time. This has allowed us to connect to many awesome 3rd party apps including web based loyalty systems, online ordering systems, BI reporting systems, online accounting systems, mobile wallets and much more.

Automated installation & upgrades

The onetap installer takes the pain out of installing and upgrading your software, through our automated online method of installing and upgrading onetap, including hotfixes and checking for updates, to keep onetap up to date within a major release version.

Function room & party booking

Onetap party booking is a comprehensive system allowing you to book your rooms and facilities for parties and functions within your premises. It is fully integrated into onetap loyalty and accounts.


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