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John Hansen

Group CEO / CTO / Founder WizBang Technologies Ltd

John is a visionary thinker and irrepressible optimist with innovation in his DNA. His innate curiosity and enthusiasm for a future shaped by possibilities is the driving force behind his quest to go beyond the limits of current technology and capability.
He is a science graduate with extensive experience in digital electronics, design of microprocessor based telemetry systems, production control systems, and commercial software development, primarily in the field of retail POS systems. He also brings years of commercial experience into the company having been involved in other enterprises prior to WizBang Technologies.
Soon after graduating in physics in 1972, John found himself working for Cutler-Hammer NZ designing microprocessor supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for South Australian Railways and Sydney County Council. 
This experience in the early adoption of a new disruptive digital technology inspired John’s “possibility” mind-set and set him on a trajectory of innovation.
He started his own electronics and software design consultancy and was commissioned to design many industrial and commercial systems. Among these was a microprocessor weighing and production control system for wire manufacturing, a spot welding machine digital controller, a messaging system for large electromagnetic and LED outdoor advertising displays, a numerical machine controller for the manufacture of printed circuit boards, a digital codec for wireless data transmission and radio paging and a vehicle speed detection system.
With this experience behind him, John saw the possibility of developing commercial software with scalable global potential and took the opportunity to work for an enterprising South African company to develop a complete financial and point of sale system for furniture and clothing retailers, known as Furnpac and Ragpac.
Returning to New Zealand in 1987, John co-founded Pacific Business Systems (now Excellent Software and Services) and developed a successful big ticket retail point of sale system known as Retail-Plus and a hire purchase ledger financial control system.
In 1997, John and his family who had all become confirmed café junkies were inspired to find a way to make life easier for waiters. The dream was to create a ground-breaking and innovative new hospitality point of sale system, encompassing wireless hand held technology for taking orders from tables. Wi-Fi was not available for portable devices at the time, so the solution required the design of a plug-in digital wireless transceiver circuit board for the Palm Pilot PDA and a corresponding wireless base station transceiver.
The solution John designed utilised a UHF FM narrow frequency band, with a range of 300 metres. Extremely low power consumption was a design objective with four days battery life being achieved through the use of CMOS technology.  In order to keep hardware production costs down, collision avoidance, radio noise filtering, and error checking and correction were designed into the transceiver software drivers rather than the hardware.
The success and reliability of this mobile solution, known as WizBang Waiter at the time, was the genesis of WizBang Technologies.
Today, John leads WizBang Technologies, with the single-minded purpose of driving innovation and growing global distribution channels.
In his time off, you’ll find John sampling local hospitality with family and friends, keeping fit pounding the streets or swimming at the local beach where he currently lives in Millwater, Auckland. He also somehow finds time to fuel his fascination for science and technology, especially cosmology which seems to resonate with his curiosity about the nature of things. John is also passionate and concerned about environmental issues, food quality, food supply and organics, and thinks the extraordinary movie “Food, Inc” should be mandatory viewing for all!

Chris Smith

National Sales & Distribution Manager, NZ POS Systems

Chris is one of the longest serving members of the WizBang family, and in July 2015 celebrated being with the company for 10 years.

He is a born and bred Cantabrian, having lived in Christchurch for over 30 years.  He spent many of his younger years working in the hospitality industry where he was a trusted team player.  One of his highlights from this time was assisting the owner of a well known pizza restaurant in Christchurch open four more restaurants and then franchising of these new stores.
Chris Smith-321
Chris holds an Advanced Certificate in Computer programming and is passionate about new technologies.  His more recent background prior to his current role includes both sales and management roles within the computer retail industry.  Before working for WizBang he was successful in both sales and installation of onetap software, working for EFTCO, a reseller for onetap software.  In 2005 WizBang approached him to work directly for them to help establish a second office in Christchurch.  He jumped at this opportunity as he was passionate about both the onetap software and the hospitality industry, and it appealed to his pioneering nature.

Chris owes much of his success to a strong focus on building and retaining relationships with our clients. He loves seeing businesses within the hospitality industry succeed and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our clients thrive.

The hospitality industry was hit hard after the Christchurch earthquakes. Fifty two percent of our clients in Christchurch were initially unable to trade.  All of those who have reopened have returned to the onetap system. This is a reflection not only of a great product but of the integrity of a sales manager committed to both company and customers.

Chris lives in Christchurch with his wife, three kids and the family border collie. Over the years Chris has been heavily involved in the local Surf Life Saving Club. He raced inflatable rescue boats and won numerous national titles.  His present day interests include new technologies and spending time with good friends.

Garth Parkinson

Sales Person & Account Manager– NZ POS Systems

Garth grew up on the Hibiscus Coast, before moving into Auckland city to study.  Garth holds a Hospitality Management Diploma from AUT (he graduated top of his class) and he has held various hospitality roles internationally over the years, including extensive work in Europe, the USA, Canada and England.

He co-founded Barluga, a luxury wine and cocktail bar in the beautiful Wanaka in New Zealand’s South Island, during one long stint in the area.  In May 2005 he met Chris Smith who installed WizBang onetap POS system in his bar.
In 2014 Garth was head hunted and became a valued member of our sales team.  Garth has worked in many different roles and styles of business in the hospitality industry.  Because of his extensive experience, and ownership of a successful bar, he instinctively understands what each unique business needs from our onetap system.

Gavin Hutchinson

Software Development Manager – WizBang Technologies

Gavin immigrated to New Zealand from England at age 8, growing up in Christchurch and later North Canterbury.  In year 10 he left mainstream school to be home schooled where his interest in computers began.

Early on in his career Gavin spent time as a Duty Manager at a busy hotel, and ended up being the person called upon for anything computer related.  He expanded his self-taught computer skills by gaining a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Computer Science).  During his time studying he kept up his hospitality skills by working at the Antigua Boatsheds, gaining his LCQ & Managers Certificate.
Gavin Hutchinson-116
In 2007, Gavin joined the WizBang family and in the first five years of being on the support team he developed an exceptional knowledge of point of sale systems. Gavin’s understanding of technology and obvious aptitude for software development soon saw him being appointed to WizBang Technologies as an invaluable part of the development team, responsible for the stability and functionality of the various onetap products.

He has a love of travel, having explored the UK, North America, Southeast Asia and Oceania.  He loves to eat out with friends and family or even to host an expertly cooked home meal.

Jessie Chen

Finance & Operations Manager – NZ POS Systems

Jessie is originally from Southern China and came to New Zealand to study.  She holds a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Accountancy) through Massey University, Auckland.

Her background includes working as accounts clerk for a wholesale bakery and sushi company and working as an accountant for a body corporate.

She is an excellent fit for the role she plays in the WizBang family as she has a thorough understanding of accounting and business related functions.
Her understanding of business coupled with her hospitality experience enables her to provide full accounting and administration support to our team at both NZ POS Systems and WizBang Technologies as well as relating well to our clients.

Jessie continues to study and her aim is to achieve full membership to the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Jonathan Boyd-Bell

Senior Software Developer, WizBang Technologies

Jonathan grew up in Auckland and currently resides on the North Shore in Auckland. He has a degree in Computer Science (BInfSci) from Massey University, and has worked for WizBang Technologies, primarily as a software developer since early 1999.
He has had a hand in developing nearly every part of the onetap system.  Jonathan is a creative thinker and able to think outside of the box.  He creates software that is both powerful and intuitive to use.
Today, Jonathan's primary focus is on developing future technologies for WizBang.  He has had significant experience developing in the Delphi and C# programming languages, .NET and the Firebird, SQL Server, and Oracle databases.
He played a vital role in WizBang’s early years, installing and supporting some of our early adopter sites.  He is a shareholder, and former director of WizBang Technologies.
Jonathan is married to Lucy, and they have an adorable little girl. He is a talented guitarist, and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 30 seconds!

Josephine Sanders

Accounts & Technical Support Assistant, NZ POS Systems

Josephine is originally from England.  She moved to New Zealand in 2013 on a working holiday visa and fell in love with the place.

Josephine has worked in the hospitality industry since she was 18.  She has managed several busy bars, nightclubs and restaurant bars, which has given her a wide range of experience with different POS software systems.  Her experience in the industry has given her invaluable customer insight and service skills.

Josephine is also experienced in Xero Accounting Software and MYOB, which she uses in her current role at NZ POS. Her hospitality knowledge ensures our clients’ experience with the WizBang family is seamless in the area of accounts.
Louie Boyd-952

Louie Boyd

Key Account Manager, NZ POS Systems 

Born and raised in Christchurch, Louie attended secondary school in the city and went on to study Religious Studies at the University of Canterbury as well as completing a computer technicians NCEA level 4 at Avonmore Tertiary Institute.
Louie’s prior experience includes eight years working within the hospitality industry as a bar manager.  His interest in computer hardware and IT as a hobby spanned a decade before he decided to pursue this interest as a career.  In 2014 he joined the Wizbang family when the opportunity arose for a role that combined his exceptional knowledge of the hospitality industry with his quick ability to fix all things IT – it was a given that this job was meant for him, and he hasn’t looked back!
As a member of the support team, Louie has an incredibly strong customer centric approach to his work and he takes this with him into any new business relationship.  He has exceptional problem solving skills and enjoys dealing with a diverse range of customers and their specific needs.  The skills he learnt in the hospitality sector made it an easy transition into his current support role.  Louie enjoys the opportunities to go off-site to different cities nationwide to get amongst the hospitality industry again to help out his old profession – just on the other side of the bar!  
In his spare time, you’ll find Louie playing computer games (yes, he most definitely fits the nerdy persona that often comes with an IT job), or playing Warmachine, a strategic Dungeons n’ Dragons style table top game.  He also loves keeping true to his hospitality roots and you’ll often find him down at the local bar or pub enjoying a nice cold beverage and catching up with his friends!

Denvor Snowden

Client Services Technician, NZ POS Systems

Born in the small rural area of Ararimu situated near Auckland, after leaving high school, Denvor's aspirations led him north to Auckland to complete his Web Diploma at Yoobee School of Design.

Bright, talented and ambitious; Denvor is passionate about technology and the point of sale industry.  As well as having had general IT experience, he has significant experience with numerous coding languages including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL.

He also has experience with the Adobe creative suite, including Photoshop and Illustrator, which often comes in handy in his role at NZ POS.
Denvor is the proud father of a newly born son, and enjoys spending time with his partner Laura and baby, along with the rest of his growing family.

Conrad Ford

Client Services Technician, NZ POS Systems

Conrad brings over 15 years of experience in the IT support industry. His first foray into IT was when he was employed in the fuel retail industry, building and configuring computer and point of sale systems for the big four oil companies in New Zealand.

He soon progressed on to helpdesk support and then jumped at the chance to round out his skills when he moved on to helpdesk management.

These skills put him in good stead when he was offered a role with one of NZ’s largest banks, managing the internal helpdesk during a period of catastrophe mitigation change being implemented within the bank.

Conrad joined the support team at NZ POS Systems in 2011 and plays a key role in supporting onetap users within the hospitality industry throughout New Zealand.


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